Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hair Salon Defends Domestic Violence-y Ad

This ad for Fluid hair salon in Alberta, Canada has been written about virtually everywhere.  It's crazily controversial and everyone seems to have an opinion about it.

Generally speaking, "Look good in all you do", is not a slogan you'd expect to see next to an image of a woman with a funky hairdo and a black eye sitting on a couch, while an attractive man in a suit stands behind her holding a diamond necklace. It's basically saying that even if you're in an abusive relationship, you can still have fabulous hair.

That's really not okay. As a side note, the gal's 'do isn't even attractive.  It's frizzy and she's got a good inch or so of roots. It's not a look anyone should strive for (hair-wise, or visible abuse-wise).

The salon is now defending itself.  Owner, Sarah Cameron told the Edmonton Sun, "Everyone is getting so sensitive.  Anyone who has a connection or a story behind anything can be upset or have an opinion. We are not trying to attack anyone. Please interpret the ad as freedom dictates --that is your right --just as artistic expression is our right. If survivors of abuse interpret this ad to make light of any abusive situation, we sincerely apologize.”

She's right, of course.  But the ad is still unacceptable in my eyes.  And anytime “artistic expression” is thrown around, it usually means that there's no real defense.

In the end though, I'm pretty sure the ad did exactly what the salon wanted:  got people talking about them.

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