Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Wearing Uggs in Warm Weather

As far as Ugg Boots go, I'm not a fan in general.  To be fair, some of the styles have potential to be cute.  I've seen people wearing them tucked into skinny jeans and leggings in the winter and it doesn't look too horrifying.

That said, it is never okay to wear Uggs when it's warm out.  I've seen a few people within the past couple weeks wandering around with conflicting outfits, much like the mystery celeb pictured.

It's ridiculous!!! If it's warm enough to throw on a skimpy, summery outfit, you simply do not need huge-ass winter boots to complete the look!  In fact, anytime your legs are fully exposed, fluffy boots look just plain stupid. And it totally ruins an outfit that could be cute with the right footwear.

Uggs are the type of boots that should be in the back of your closet for when you need something warm to wear during a snow storm. And I'm guessing that there are not any snow storms going on anywhere in the country right now.

The only positive thing about Uggs is that because they make your feet resemble those of a yeti, the rest of your bod looks skinny in comparison.  But is it really worth it?

There are plenty of comfy flats out there that can be worn year-round.  Stick to those for now and save the Uggs for never.

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