Saturday, September 1, 2012

Five Things You Can't Wear After This Weekend

I'm usually not a huge rule-follower when it comes to fashion trends.  But Labor Day weekend is officially the end of summer, when it comes to outfits.  There are a few things that simply need to be packed away until next summer.

Here's what needs to go to the back of your closet for the next few seasons:

White Jeans- Okay, I have to rant a little bit here. Honestly, I hate white jeans, even in the summertime.  Rarely are they flattering (white on your lower half simply makes you look larger), and it's nearly impossible to wear them for an entire day without getting a bunch of stains on them.  Still, if you've braved wearing them throughout the season, now's the time to pack them up!

Espadrille Wedges- Anything with a cork or wedge heel is simply banned after Labor Day.

Beach Cover-Ups as Dresses- During the summer season, it's totally acceptable to throw on a cute beach cover-up for cocktail parties and the like.  Unfortunately that time is over.

Straw Totes- Time to hang up anything that can double as a beach bag.

Anchor Prints- Yes, they were super adorable over the summer, but it's time to throw the pattern overboard for fall.

Believe me, it saddens me to stop wearing my summer duds.  Little white dresses and sandals have basically been my look for the entire season.  Luckily, there's a lot of fabulous fall trends to look forward to!

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