Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Most Ladylike Bag for Fall

As everyone in the entire world knows, I'm crazily addicted to handbags.  I own a ton and honestly I cannot go into a store without at least looking at their bags.  Sometimes I even spend hours just looking online for fab bags.

That's how I found this adorable Delia Quilted Bow Bag from Handbag Heaven.  First, I have to give props to Handbag Heaven.  They always have amazing, designer-inspired bags for decent prices. Love it!

This particular bag tickles my fancy to the max.  It's everything a girly handbag should be.  The bag is super feminine and goes with nearly any outfit.  You can wear it with a fancy dress, or with jeans and a t-shirt.  That's the mark of a really great purse, by the way. It also has tons of little pockets inside to store anything you might need for a night out.

I love the ballerina pink color with the black bow. Anything pink automatically goes on my wish list. And the colors together look unique and add a bit of glamour. That said, if you aren't really into pink, the handbag does come in black.

The bag is on sale for $42.46 (marked down from $83).  Totally worth it for such a pretty bag!

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