Monday, September 10, 2012

Have a Fashion Question? Ask Me Anything on AllExperts!

So a couple days ago, I got approved to be the Budget Fashion Shopping Expert on AllExpert!

The site on it's own is amazing.  There are experts for everything you could possibly have questions about--it's not just a fashion website. Browse around to check it out.

That said, my faithful readers, if you ever have a fashion question (big or small!) do not hesitate to contact me on my AllExpert site here.  Just click on the upper right-hand link (or the one underneath my picture) that says "Ask a Question", fill out the form, and I'll be sure to answer as quickly as possible.  I'm almost always glued to my computer, so you can expect an answer within 24 hours, in most cases.

I can answer any questions you might have, style-related, especially if you don't want to spend tons of money on your clothing.  If you read my blog a lot, then you know that most fashion trends, and classic looks, can be found for nearly anyone's budget.  Looking for an outfit or accessory for an event? Or just want to revamp your style? I'm your gal!

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