Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

Are you more drawn to light pink hues, or bright blue polishes? Whatever color you tend to lean towards can say more than "I have pretty nails" (even though I'm sure they are super cute, regardless)!

Here's a list polish hues and what they say.

Red = You're sultry and glamorous.  It's been the ultimate glam polish practically forever.   It’s the most seductive of all colors and is timeless. Try Maybelline Color Show in Paint the Town.

Blue = You're fearless.  You might think of blue as a very tranquil color, but the electric hues that are popping up everywhere say otherwise.  Blue polish looks unique and is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with different looks. Orly in Shockwave is a great choice.

Gunmetal Gray = You’re unconventional.  The neutral shade can be almost as dark as black, or as light as white, but unlike those basic colors, gray tends to look more sophisticated and fashionable. OPI in Nein Nein Nein! OK Fine! is a fab gray hue.

Green = You’re dynamic. People tend to be scared to try out green polish, but since it's actually a complementary color to lots of other colors, you can wear it multiple ways.  It's a strong color that has a lot of power. Try Maybelline Color Show in Go Go Green.

Orange = You’re carefree.  It's a color that's playful, but can also be very exotic, depending on the shade. I'm loving Dermelect in Head Turner.

Muted Pink = You’re ladylike.  The color is kind of like a grown-up pink.  It's more mature, with a gray undertone.  This gives it an almost vintage feel. Deborah Lippmann in Modern Love is gorgeous!

Yellow = You’re an optimist. Surprise, surprise! Since yellow is usually associated with the sun and warmth, it gives off a real statement.  It's very extroverted and looks all-around happy. Try out Maybelline Color Show in Fierce N Tangy.

Purple = You’re creative. There are oodles of different variations of the color.  It's actually quite complex, as it's a mix of blue and red. That brings tranquil and dynamic colors together, which creates a unique tension. Purple polish isn't for someone who wants something simple. Zoya in Suri really stands out.

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