Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Need a Date? Adopt-a-Guy Has You Covered!

French men are hot.  It's not really even debatable. So, France decided to make a little money from this fact.

Their Adopte Un Mec (Adopt a Guy) store is a high-end boutique in Paris where you can literally shop for guys, and pick the one you like best.  The guys wear costumes and pose in glass containers--as if they were all Ken dolls--to allow the women to choose their fave.  They also pick out their own cute nickname like "Mr. Muscle" and "The Rocker". There's something for everyone!

It actually started out as an online "store", and they decided to branch out and do the real-life shopping thing.  Online, it's a bit more like a dating site, except that all the men have to post pictures, and only women can actually send messages to them.  The most hilarious thing is that there's a shopping cart on the site itself.  So it actually says "there are 0 men in your cart" until you purchase a guy!  Isn't that crazy??! 

I think it's funny to reverse the roles a bit.  Usually it's women that are objectified, and these guys make a living off of it.  Of course there are people who are against the whole thing, but I have to say, I think it's a funny, neat idea.  And clearly France agrees.

If they open a shop in the U.S., I'm positive that women would be lining the streets to get their dream guy.

Here's quick clip that explains everything in detail.

[Info from Oddity Central]

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