Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clinique Winter '09 Collection: Black Tie Violet

Clinique has released images of their Winter '09 collection: Black Tie Violet. I got the above image from Temptalia, who is great at posting the latest new in beauty.

I'm not so sure about this collection, however. The colors seem to "Spring-y" to me. Lots of lavenders and pinks...I get that maybe they're trying to be original, but personally, I'd prefer to see something completely different rather than a revamp of past Spring collections.

All of that said, The lip gloss and lipstick do look gorgeous and I am partial to violet eyeshadow. The lipstick looks like a bubblegum pink with a little shimmer, which is fairly flattering especially for my fair skin. But I'll probably save the gloss and lipstick for next Summer.


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