Friday, September 4, 2009

Final Weekend to BOGO!

Payless is probably one of my favorite places to buy shoes. I know--it used to have a bad rep for carrying cheap shoes for kids and old people, but now they've got tons of designers doing collections for them, and honestly the styles are amazing.

The great thing about Payless is that they're constantly doing BOGO sales (buy one get one half off). Usually if you see some shoes you like, you can wait a few weeks and there will be a BOGO sale.

Right now, this weekend is the last weekend to BOGO for this particular sale. it's a great idea to stock up on some Fall shoes. I'm partial to these American Eagle Marley Flat Boots. Slouchy boots are always great to have (especially if you live in New England), and look cute with anything from tucked-in jeans to dresses. The boots retail for about $40, but if you BOGO wisely, you might just be able to get them for $20.

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