Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quickie Hair Fix

I have ridiculously thick hair, so washing it is a huge ordeal. If I want to flat iron it, I need an extra half-hour or so before I can even leave the house. That being the case, I've figured out a weird trick that allows me to skip shampooing daily (which is bad for your hair anyway).

If your hair feels a little greasy at the roots, spritz on some hairspray (Aussie's Opposites Attract spray does a good job) and blast with a blow dryer for a few seconds. The result is cleaner-feeling locks that stay in place an extra day!

This is a great tip for anyone who doesn't want to shell out the money for dry shampoo--it can be pretty pricey. Hairspray is always a bit cheaper and often you can find a bottle that smells scrumptious.

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