Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Smokey Eyes in Every Color

Nothing looks better than the classic smokey eye. The problem is that a lot of people tend to think that you can only do a smokey eye with black and grey shades. Though that look can be great for night, you can do a smokey eye with virtually any color shadow.

Pixi's Smokey Eye Palette is great for this. It contains basically all the colors you may be missing in your makeup kit because you were too scared to try them. Each shade is very highly pigmented and goes on smoothly. Each color, other than the black, have a little shimmer to them, which makes blending easy (matte shadows generally are tricky to apply and make to look even).

You can create countless looks with this palette. Mix the two purple shades, try the electric blue with the gunmetal grey to tone it down, do a sheer wash of the deep green...I played with this for about an hour last night and came up with some great looks. Hopefully I'll do a tutorial on colorful smokey eyes soon (I need a decent camera though).

All of these tones are surprisingly flattering and simply gorgeous. The palette is $28 at Target.

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