Friday, May 4, 2007

Be Your Own Makeup Artist

Though it isn't really portable, Sephora's new "Summer Blockbuster Palette" is perfect for experimenting with new looks at home.

This kit offers 24 flattering eye shadows, 24 gaaaageous lip colors, 5 blush hues, and 1 shimmer powder all for a mere $36. I mean, come on! This is pretty great. I love trying out new colors and such, but I hate having to throw away an entire eye compact because I ended up hating the color. With this divine array of colors, even if you hate half of 'em, you're still getting a bunch of great colors. Another plus: this kit is sans kelly green and hot pink (two of the least flattering colors for ANYONE), so the chances of actually hating any of the colors are slim to none. My only qualm would be that most of the blush colors look too dark and tan for me. But I'll settle for the pink one in the upper right corner and all the shadows and glosses.

And at least I'll be able to try some unflattering shades for pale-skinned mavens and know for certain that it doesn't look good without spending the funds on individual compacts. And I can use the offensive shades for 80s themed parties. It's really a win-win situation.

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