Thursday, May 3, 2007

Singin' the Blues

As a gal with pasty white skin and green eyes, I never really thought I'd be able to pull off wearing blue eye makeup. The last time I tried, I had swiped some of my mom's 80s neon blue liner on my lids and found myself looking at a circus clown in the mirror.

But that has all changed. Makeup has gotten more advanced and now there are blue shades that flatter everyone. Neon blue hues are forever gone.

I love the look of a smokey eye--especially when done with a color other than the predictable black. Blue is perfect for this. Avon just came out with a really great palette of blues, the "Denim Blues Quad". Here's how to wear it:

1) Brush the lightest color (the second from the right) under your eyebrow and on the inside corner of your eye.
2) Take the next lightest shade (on the right) and brush it over entire lid.
3) Next, brush on the second darkest shade (second in from the left) right on the lash line (almost like a liner) and under the eye a bit (again like a liner).
4) Brush the darkest shade only on the outside corner of your top lid and blend upwards. If you have a darker complexion, use this color as the liner instead of the second darkest.

The result is a smokin' smokey eye that is unpredictable and gorgeous. Finish it with some black mascara and you'll be good to go. The best part? Blue intensifies every single eye color--especially brown.

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