Friday, May 11, 2012

Beauty Boo-Boo: $62,000 Lipstick

Gorgeous or not, spending more than $40 on lipstick really isn't in my budget. And that's basically because it would be a total waste of money, since I can get a pretty amazing lipstick for under $40.

Guerlain has come out with the most ridiculously priced lipstick that I've ever heard of.  Their Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick is currently selling for $62,000.

Seriously?!  I just can't imagine anyone shelling out that kind of money for lipstick.  You could buy and entire new designer wardrobe, complete with a really fab makeup set with that money. Or even do something halfway responsible.

Granted, the lipstick has an 18 carat yellow gold outer shell and 199 diamonds (umm...why not 200??!) That amount of bling simply should not be wasted on lipstick.

The craziest thing is that the actual lipstick itself is exactly like their normal Kiss Kiss Lipstick, which retails for $33.  Even the packaging looks similar.

This is quite honestly the biggest waste of money ever.  But if for some ungodly reason, you happen to have $62,000 to throw away, you can make a private appointment at a Guerlain boutique.

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