Monday, May 28, 2012

Shimmer and Shine!

Since my skin is ridiculously pale, I have to get creative when it comes to making it look pretty.  None of the self-tanning products out there work for me, as I have outrageously pink undertones in my skin. Even the slow daily bronzing lotions look super fake on me.

So, I basically look for products that have a little shimmer in them to give my skin a glowy look.  Unfortunately, most of the products that have shimmer also tend to have chunks of glitter, or just irritate my sensitive skin.  I've even resorted to mixing my normal lotion with loose shimmer, but that's just annoying and super time consuming.

Enter Sally Hansen Salon's Airbrush Shimmer.  I've always seen the product in the past, but only noticed the bronzing ones.  I even tried out the "light glow" spray and had horrible results.  But this shimmer spray simply adds a little golden glow to skin and makes it look fabulous!  I absolutely love it.

You'd think that with a spray like this, blending would be a problem, but the product actually stays wet for a few minutes, so you have time to rub it in.  After that, it takes only a couple minutes to dry, so it's perfect for a quick skin refresher.

Each spray-on shimmer is around $7.

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