Saturday, May 12, 2012

Super Shimmery Hair Tip

I've always loved ELF (Eyes Lips Face), because they've got oodles of great makeup products that are crazily cheap, yet are of the best quality.

I recently tried out their fabulous Shimmer Sheets.  They come in a few different colors--I tried the bronze and the pink.  Now, their intended purpose is for use on your face and body, which the sheets are great for, but I found another fab use.

If you take a couple Shimmer Sheets and rub them through your hair, it adds just enough shimmer to make your hair look healthy and shiny, without looking like a disco ball. They also help soak up grease, so you can go a little longer between washing.

My advice is to carry around some of these sheets with you at all times, since you can use them for practically anything!

Each pack of 20 is a mere $3. So stock up and try out all the colors!

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