Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is Your Manicure Illegal?

I'm a super crazy nail polish junkie.  I probably own well over 100 polishes.  I'd say that about half of them are neon hues.

Well, apparently neon polish is illegal!! It's been all over the runways, and I've been hearing that neon colors are trendy for summer...but certain nail polishes being illegal? It just sounds crazy to me.

“Neon polish is actually illegal to produce in the US,” says Jan Arnold, co-founder and creative director of CND Colours. “So if you see a neon shade in the store, it’s imported—or your polish hue is just really bright, not a true neon, making it easier to pull off.”

Crazy, right?!

So basically anytime you buy a bright neon hue, it's either imported or illegal.  I honestly had no idea!

What do you fashionistas think about this breaking news?

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