Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Are Lip Smackers Gone For Good?!

Growing up, I was always a HUGE fan of Bonne Bell--especially their Lip Smacker Balms. With the variety of scrumptious flavors and slight tints, they were the perfect "training lipstick".

That said, I still usually have a couple of the balms in my purse at all times. Specifically, their Dr. Pepper balm is my favorite, as it adds the perfect amount of color to my super pale lips and hydrates them better than anything else. Plus, of course, the flavor is super yummy! And can you really beat the price? For under $2, these lippies are totally reasonable to buy in bulk.

So, I was understandably devastated when I found out that Bonne Bell had been sold. I probably spent the past week or so freaking out about the change and figuring out how many balms I needed to purchase in order to always have some with me...for the rest of my life. You know--just a little bit of obsessive behavior.

Luckily, I found out that the company is NOT planning on changing anything about the Lip Smacker brand in particular. Halleluiah! A rep from the company that bought Bonne Bell, Alice Chen from Markwins, cleared everything up. "The Lip Smacker business will carry on as per usual [with] the same great flavors and formulations".

So, there's no need to go crazy just yet. It looks like our coveted Lip Smackers are totally safe!

Unfortunately, there's not really any info on the rest of the Bonne Bell product line. Personally, I've always loved their bronzer (again, because I'm super pale and it doesn't make me look orange). Hopefully these will also stick around, but we'll see!

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