Monday, February 23, 2015

The BEST Nail Polish Names

I always thought that coming up with names for nail polish would be a ridiculously fun job. I'm pretty creative, can spot even the slightest difference in hues, and absolutely love nail polish.

Alas, many others beat me to it.

Often times, I purchase polish based on the name alone--some of them are just hilarious!

Here's a rundown of some of my faves:

China Glaze “Are You Jelly?” $6.33,

If you want to keep things vibrant, then this is the shade for you. This gorgey purple polish is aptly called “Are You Jelly?” and yes, I'm definitely jealous of it. Sport this on your nails, and everyone else will be jealous too.

 Sally Hansen “Scaredy Matte,”  $4.99,
Black nails are always in style. They look super chic and go with any outfit.  The fab matte finish adds some fun texture to the already kick-ass color. “Scaredy Matte” is the cutest reminder to not be afraid to try something new.

 Essie “Don’t Sweater It,” 8.50,
The one thing I like about cold winters in New England is the sweater weather.“Don’t Sweater It” sounds super cozy, and its soft mauve shade looks it too.

 Essie “Recessionista,” 8.50,
If you're anything like me, you spend an absurd amount of money on nail polish. Even though you may be broke, I think that “Recessionista” shows that you can look good even during the worst of times.

OPI “Vant To Bite My Neck?” $9.50,
The perfect vampy shade for any season, “Vant To Bite My Neck?” has me practically begging people to ask what color I'm wearing. This is prob my favorite name out of the bunch.

Deborah Lippmann “Shake Your Money Maker,” $20,
I love, love, love this polish! I love the name, I love the chunky glitter, and I love the unique color. “Shake Your Money Maker” is the ultimate green glitter polish every girl needs in her collection.

OPI “Espresso Your Style,” $9.50,
Even if you're not a coffee fan (which basically means you're crazy), this neutral hue is super gorgeous on all skintones. “Espresso Your Style,” is an instant pick-me-up--even without the caffeine--because it’s the perfect neutral for any occasion, but is anything but boring.

Essie “Hide & Go Chic,” $8.50,
Got the winter blues? “Hide & Go Chic" has a beachy blue feel to it, yet it can be worn as a bold statement during any season. The metallic finish adds some extra pizazz. To make the polish even more glitzy, I'd even add Deborah Lippmann's “Shake Your Money Maker”as a top coat. It's the perfect combo!

Orly “Sashay My Way,” $10,
“Sashay My Way” is the ultimate gold glitter that needs to make its way into everyone's polish collections ASAP. It works well as a top coat, or even on its own for a fun burst of  bling.

China Glaze “Don’t Make Me Wine,” $5.95,
I love wine. I love drinking a glass after a stressful day, and I absolutely love wearing the color. “Don’t Make Me Wine” is quite obviously the perfect wine color, and without it, I'd pretty much have to get upset.

All the colors are great, and the names make them even better! Next time you're shopping for polish, take an extra second to check the bottom of the bottle to see if the name lives up to the hue.

Happy shopping!

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