Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Breakup Day!

Though I'm in a fabulous relationship, I've always kind of considered the day after V-Day to be a national Breakup Day. I guess it's because I've known guys who stick it out with someone "through the holidays", and they figure ditching them post-Valentine's Day will make it less painful (hint: it doesn't).

I am absolutely loving Breakups to Makeup. The whole site is dedicated to selling items that would make almost anyone feel better after a breakup. The products are great to give as gifts, and I'd honestly go as far as stocking up on a few of their goodies so that I'm ready to cheer up my ladies!
They've got a great Bestie Bundle kit that I just love. It includes: a Cross My Heart Hope to Die, Stick Mascara In My Eye Compact (pictured), a Breakups to Makeup sticker of your choice, and a hand-written message with the text of your choice. Each set is $10.

The compact is actually my fave part of the whole thing. How adorable is it?!

The site has some other fab gems too, like fantastic makeup bags--one of which has I would cry, but my mascara is designer written on it. LOVE!  They also have some cute tops, accessories, and fab totes.

Check out the site and explore!

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