Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Look For Less: Groovy Studded Heels

When I first spotted these shoes, I was unsure about their wearablility. But then I began brainstorming all the different outfits I could wear them with--I came up with a lot more than you'd think!  Because the heels have so many different hues included in the pattern, they're what I like to call an "almost neutral".  Meaning, you can wear them with any color that's on the shoe itself. Personally when I wear bright shoes, I like to make them the focal point of my outfit, so I do suggest toning everything else down if you do choose to wear anything like these bad boys.

Now for the fun part. These heels are really almost identical! The 70s-ish color blocking and the studded details are incorporated in both of the fab designs.

That said, one pictured pair is ridiculously more expensive than the other.

The shoes pictured on the left are LuLu's Party Trick Pastel Multi Striped and Studded Pointed Heels, and they retail for a mere $34! On the right is a pair of Valentino Rockstud 1973 Leather Slingback Pumps, which retails for a steep $1,195.
I can't imagine why anyone would spend so much money on a pair of fun, novelty shoes! They're the type of heels that you wear a few times with select outfits, then throw in your closet and forget about them until you need something whimsical again. I do love the design, but spending over $1,000 on any pair of shoes just sounds stupid to me!

Take it from me--when purchasing something that's more fun than functional, don't spend the big bucks.

Happy shopping!!

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