Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hello Kitty...For Men

Hello Kitty is my weakness. Whenever I see anything Hello Kitty-related, I have a knee jerk reaction to buy it. But there are lots of ladies (and eight-year-old girls) like me. What I never expected was for the infamous Sanrio brand to reach out to guys.

HK Men's Shoes
I'm really not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I adore Hello Kitty and cannot deprive anyone of such an adorable icon.  On the other hand, Hello Kitty is clearly one of the girliest characters in the entire world. I don't have it in me to call this a blatant "Fashion Faux Pas"...but let's just say I'm not encouraging any dudes to shop for HK clothing.

HK Men's Hoodie
The store selling HK products for men first opened in Japan. To ease any hesitation that may arise, "Hello Kitty" released a statement:  "Until now I’ve been loved by many girls. But I’ve always thought this: It would be nice to be next to guys too, not just girls.” Hmm...okay.

The collection includes limited edition clothing, shoes, and business card cases. They'll be on sale until March, at least, but probably longer. Unfortunately, I can't find the products online,so if you really want some HK Men items, you'll have to go to the store itself.

Japan is well known for their outrageous fashion, but do you think men in the states will embrace this new look? God, I hope not.

[Images from Forbes]

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