Friday, February 27, 2015

The Prettiest Pink Polish (At Least for Now...)

The amount of pink nail polish that I own is fairly ridiculous--even I can admit that. I do happen to own a lot of Essie's fabulous light pink hues.  There's just something super classy about them.  And even though most of them are practically the same color, I use all of them on a regular basis.

For Spring 2015, Essie has come out with a super gorgeous Cashmere Matte collection. I'm a fan of all the colors the collection offers, but the pale pink Just Stitched shade is my fave.

In the past, I haven't really been big on matte polish. It's tough to get it to look even and it usually tends to look like crap in general (sorry!), BUT the Cashmere Matte polishes aren't like that at all. Rather, they've got a bit of a velvety look to them.

The fantastic Just Stitched polish even has a bit of dimension to it, which helps it look less "blah" than other matte polishes out there. At first glance, it's just a simple light pink.  But upon closer examination, it's a warm pearly-plush pink with slight turquoise shimmer. The shimmer is barely visible, but I think it really makes the polish unique and gives it real depth.

This is a great polish to have, since it's almost a neutral and goes with nearly every outfit possible. It's also a good color for the transition from Winter to Spring.

Each bottle retails for around $8.

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