Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FYI, I Have My Sassy Pants On

I don't usually wear graphic tees, but when I saw this Sassy Pants Tee from Thug Life Shirts, I practically had a seizure of delight!

Being a sassy fashionista and all, I do tend to wear my sassy pants quite often. That said, I love having the option of letting people know via my top, especially if I'm having a particularly sassy day.

I also love that the shirt is simple.  Grey looks good on everyone, and it's super soft. Honestly, all of the site's tees are funny and look crazily comfortable. It's definitely worth browsing the site.

Even if you aren't really a casual person, you can easily wear the tee under a black blazer, or pair it with some bold accessories to dress it up.

This shirt is priced just right at $27.95.

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