Thursday, February 12, 2015

This T-Shirt is a Lie...But I Love it Anyway

Is there anything in the entire world that's more comfy than throwing on your main man's soft, over-sized tee? I think not.

My boyfriend is a huge fan of seeing me run around in his shirts--and I can't say that there's anything else I'd rather wear, at least when I'm just around the house.

Forever 21 has actually come out with their own version of the boyfriend tee. Wearing their Boyfriend's T-Shirt Graphic Tee is practically like throwing on your guy's shirt.

The only difference? "This Is My Boyfriend's T-Shirt" is printed across the front. Chances are, the shirts you borrow from your man are not nearly as...possessive. But I honestly love it.

The idea is slightly ironic (at least worth a chuckle), and the shirt itself is probably even more comfortable than anything your boyfriend actually owns. It's got everything we love about men's shirts, like the relaxed, loose fit and worn-out feel, but it's made just for us!

Plus, it's under $16! Win-win!

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