Friday, February 20, 2015

Chic Cookie Cutters


I don't usually bake (unless by "bake", you mean dumping brownie mix into a pan and usually burning them...), but if I did, I would totally get these fab Beauty Tools Cookie Cutters from the Sugar Fox Shop.

I mean, how adorable are they??! I really might just try to work on my sub-par baking skills simply so that I can bake crazily adorable cookies in the shape of mirrors, blowdryers, and of course tubes of lipstick. I also imagine that the shape makes them taste better than normal cookies.  It's probably accurate. What can I say, I'm very presentation-oriented!

The Etsy shop that sells these fantastic kitchen accessories has oodles of other cookie cutters to choose from, on the off chance that you don't really want to go for cookies in the shape of beauty tools (though if that is the case, you're probably reading the wrong blog).

The price is right too--each set is a mere $6.50. These would also make a great gift for any gal out there...including yourself, of course!

Happy baking!

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