Monday, August 3, 2009

Beachy Keen Dress

The great thing about summer dresses is that they can be so simple, but look totally chic simply by adding the right accessories. Also, I don't hate the fact that oodles of 'em are on sale since it's now August (which, by the way, I'm having a hard time believing).

Mark has a great one. Their Island Retreat Dress is only $29, and is actually a great transition piece for summer to fall.

For the remainder of summer, pair the dress with gold accessories. These chandelier earrings (only about $9, people!!) would be perfect). Throw on a pair of sandals; flats or heels depending on the occasion, and call it a day.

In the fall, you could wear this dress with some slouchy boots, or a pair of cute ballet flats. Once it gets chillier, pack a cardigan--bright colors will be in this autumn. Hot pink would actually be fabulous with this dress. Or even a pale yellow.

The best part is that this type of dress will always be in style. It's flattering for the knockers, and the empire waist hides any bumps or lumps you may have between there and your thighs. [Fun fact: I'm a fan of dresses that don't accentuate my so called "child-bearing hips].

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