Monday, August 10, 2009

Beauty Blunder: Lash Gems

While browsing my favorite makeup sites, I came across the sale section of, which is usually an awesome experience for me. Unfortunately, I found these: Lash Gems courtesy of Too Faced.

Apparently, you're supposed to apply them to the tips of your lashes (or the base, I suppose) using the adhesive that is included in the kit. I've got a few problems with this.

1.) Using any type of glue on your lashes is dangerous. Not only does it irritate most eyes, it also is difficult to get off. Because of this, chances are that you'll rip out a couple lashes each time you take the gems off.

2.) Much as I love bling, I can't really imagine seeing anyone wear these in real life. Even at a New Year's Eve party, they'd be out of place.

3.) "Trendy" black gems are included in this set. I'm telling you right now that black gems will only look like clumps made by a horrible mascara that is well passed its prime.

The gems are on sale for $10.50. Still a bit pricey for such an ugly accessory. If you must purchase them, please just use them as nail gems or something. Otherwise, look forward to being eyelashless!

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