Monday, August 10, 2009

Plump Red Lips

Mmmm, I love lip gloss (obviously). I also love sales. Fusion Beauty's After Hours Bling Fusion delivers both of those things. Sephora is selling each jewel-encrusted tube for $29.

I'm a huge fan of red lips. Though it's still Summer, I think that red lips can work during all seasons. Summer is actually great for the look, as not many other people take such risks in warm weather. Most usually go for bronze shimmer all over with a hint of mascara (don't get me wrong, that look is also cute). That said, a nice neutral eye, barely there blush, and a pop or bright red lips really makes a statement. How classic would that look with a pair of large white sunglasses and a little black dress?

For those of you who haven't tried this brand, it's actually great for plumping--probably the best thing I've tried thus far. The actual color of the gloss is quite sheer. For more pop, I'd layer it on top of a bright lipstick, but it works well on its own too.

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