Saturday, August 8, 2009

Double-Sided Wonder

'Tis the season for traveling! Whether you're at the beach, traipsing all over Europe, or simply spending a weekend at your parent's (I feel sorry for you), packing tons of makeup brushes is a pain.

Sephora has tapped into this growing concern and created this amazing Double-Ended Perfect Complexion Brush. One end is fluffy and perfect for powder, while the other side is much more precise and works well with foundation and concealer. It doesn't hurt that the brush is pink either.

Also, both sides are incredibly soft and blend makeup just as well as all of Sephora's other makeup brushes.

Retailing at $35, this groovy brush is sure to be a long-lasting staple in your travel makeup bag--yes, I have a separate bag for traveling...I know, I'm crazy.

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