Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pumpin' Pretty Iron

If there is one thing that I hate in this world, it is going to the gym and/or working out. I'm horrible at it. Despite my 16 or so years as a dancer, I have no balance when it comes to most gym-like activities, and I hate getting sweaty in front of people. is currently selling these fab dumbbells for $18.99. Lucky for me (my my lack of any form of arm muscle--or even arms at all), they are as tiny as weights can be: 2 lbs. That is something I think I'd be able to handle.

The preppy look of the weights tickles my fancy. I love the way pink and green look together.

Another plus? 2 lb weights are unlikely to cause me to sweat my makeup off. And that's something I don't hate!

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