Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stylish Suede Shoes

In my opinion, you can wear peep-toe shoes regardless of the season. I'm aware that many style gurus claim that peep-toed pumps simply do not work once the weather drops below 60 degrees and that visible tights are a no-no. I really disagree with this. Opaque black tights (yes, they are actually still in style!) look adorable peeking out of an open-toed pump.

All of that said, Payless has really been a godsend to me. They've got the most stylish shoes for a gal with very little money. Such as myself. For about $25, you can pick up a pair of these gorgeous Koture Ruffle Peep-Toe shoes by Fioni.

The pumps have a suede upper and about a 4-inch heel. I think that they're super cute and look much more expensive than they really are.

The heels come in black for those who like to play it safe, but this muted purple tone is a great color that adds to your wardrobe without stealing the spotlight!

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