Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: Crocs for Kids

I've written countless articles about my hatred towards Crocs. For some ungodly reason, people seem to think that they are stylish and comfortable. I see roughly 15 people wearing disgusting Crocs daily--and I don't really walk a ton!

The most disturbing thing I've recently witnessed is oodles of children sporting the hideous footwear. It's one thing to look like an idiot yourself, but please people, don't subject your kids to looking like fashion rejects before they have the ability to choose for themselves.

Apparently, Crocs are now family footwear. I've seen a gross am out of entire families wearing the shoes in a variety of colors and each time, I have to stop myself from writing them a "fashion ticket". Or simply screaming at them.

Dressing your children in Crocs is exactly one step above using one of those hideous leashes for kids. Both are cruel and highly offensive.

That is all.

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