Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drugstore Beauty: Eyebrow Pencil Bargain

Oh drugstore makeup, how I love thee. My latest find is Wet N Wild's Arch Envy. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a great product I had purchased before, Anastasia's Go Brow.

The difference? Go Brow is $21; Arch Envy is $2.99.

Both products are amazing and practically identical. On one end is a brow-filling pencil that is quite blendable and versatile for any color brow. In fact, the Wet N Wild version comes in your choice of two colors (light or medium brown), whereas Anastasia's only comes in one darker hue.

The other end of the pencil features a great highlighter for under your brows. Admittedly, the pricier pencil has a higher pigmented version, but both work very similarly. The cheapie pencil's highlighter actually doubles as a wax to hold the shape of your brows (only apply under the brow, but you'll be surprised how well it holds up).

Save yourself the cash. Who in the world needs a $21 eyebrow pencil??!

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