Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: Denim Shirts

I'm in shock here. After reading one of my fave style mags (which I will not name, as it usually has good advice and i don't want to give it bad press), I have found out that denim shirts are "hot" right now. For women. In their 20s.

Here are the reasons why I find this unacceptable:
  • No matter what type of pants you wear a denim top with, the result is not flattering. Jeans are tricky because wearing the exact same shade of denim makes it look like you're wearing a full-on denim suit, and mixing shades looks messy. Black or tan pants don't work either because they look a bit dressy for the whole super-casual-shirt thing.
  • I can't think of one social occasion in which a denim shirt would be appropriate. They are, essentially, cowboy shirts.
  • Even my fashion-challenged boyfriend thinks that the look is hideous saying, "You're kinda an asshole in them."
So there you have it. I'm sick and tired of these "trends" messing with people. This is a perfect example of us ladies needing to listen to our instincts and not rush out and buy anything simply because we hear it is "in"!

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