Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smooth Away: Basically Sand Paper for your Legs

Shaving my legs daily is pretty annoying. I'm sure it is for everyone else out there, too. But that doesn't mean that I'm about to go to ridiculous lengths to avoid doing it.

Smooth Away is, apparently, Europe's best selling hair remover. Really? Because when I was in Europe, I tended to notice that most women didn't remove much hair at all.

Upon further investigation, I figured out that the "gentle micro crystals" that remove hair (and exfoliate) are really just sheets of fine sandpaper. Despite the claims of the product being great for sensitive skin, I simply can't imagine sand paper not irritating my skin!

If you think this is the product for you, save the $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling, and just run over to the local hardware shop.

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