Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beauty Blunder: Ridiculous Lip Art

While perusing some beauty sites, I found a new makeup trend:  lip art.

I don't's obviously hideous.  I mean, maybe for Halloween, it'd be acceptable.  That said, I simply cannot imagine anyone walking around in public with a crab painted on their lips.

I get that it's creative.  But it's still ugly.  And what happens if you talk or something and your lips touch (which happens basically thousands of times a day)?  There's no way that lip art would survive that.  And then, you'd be left with a random array of colors, sloppily covering your lips.

Not very attractive.

Here's a couple other lip art examples I found:

Ugh.  Find yourself a nice pink lip gloss and be done with it!

That is all.

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