Sunday, August 5, 2012

Girly Habits Guys Don't Get

Okay, so this is from a guy's point of view.  I def don't agree with all the things on the list, but it does give us a few things to think about!

Here's some girly habits that guys simply do not get:

No, we will not hold your wallet, keys, brush, and cell phone. You chose to carry that useless bag.

Decorative Pillows
If we're not allowed to rest our heads on them, and you're not using them to playfully beat your cute yoga instructor, Amber, during a slumber party, there's really no point.

Thank You Notes to Close Friends
You already told them thank you in person. Alternatively, your phone is right over there.

Tights are hot. So why wear fake tights that cut off at the ankle and make us think of bursting sausages and 10-year-old girls? Because we know you don't want us to find either of those things attractive.

Eyelash Curler
It looks like a medieval torture device. Besides, aren't eyelashes already curly?

That Massive Purse
Okay, you really only need your wallet and maybe some lip balm. Unless that thing is secretly full of money, guys don't get it. Also, if it is, we want you to treat.

The Thong Thing
You wear a rope between your cheeks so we won't notice the barely-noticeable lines that reveal you're wearing underwear. But we like thinking about you in your underwear.

When you complain about a friend one day and then hang out with her the next, it's confusing. Guys have frenemies, too. Except we call them "former friends" and we don't ever talk—or think—about them again.

24/7 Makeup
We will never understand why women need to put on lipstick and mascara to run to the store.

Swapping your clothes a million times before you go out confuses the hell out of us. You look great in any outfit.

Plucking Your Brows
We appreciate that you make sure you don't have a crazy unibrow, but how can one woman withstand so much pain on a regular basis?

I'm actually relieved at some of the things on the list.  I generally hate wearing thongs, so if guys aren't fans of 'em, I'll gladly wear some boy shorts!

[Source: Cosmopolitan]

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