Friday, August 10, 2012

For the Girl Who Loves Handbags

I have to admit, I'm a handbag-aholic.  It's an addiction.  I probably own over 50 purses. I know, I's a little ridiculous.  But what can I say? I love them all!

To show how much handbags mean to me, I found this super cute Robinson Small Tote Key Fob by Tory Burch.  If you love purses, why not show the world by having a handbag keychain?

It comes in a few colors, but the orange is my fave.  It's even made exactly like the actual Tory Burch handbags.  It's has real leather on the exterior and has a colorful contrasting lining.

I love it!!  It makes a great gift (or, you know...a gift for yourself).

Each keychain is $55--not bad for the quality of the piece.

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