Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Can't Stop Buying This Dress!

When I find something I like, especially when it's an item of clothing, I tend to buy it in every single color/pattern available.

That's what happened with this amazing Sleeveless Dress from Target. I'm constantly finding gorgey clothing there--it's like a secret hideaway for fashionable things that are on sale.  I love it!

This particular dress is simply adorable.  I love the lacy detail at the top, and the sweetheart neckline.  The dress is super flowy, and nips in at the natural waistline (the tiniest part on most women), making you look as thin as possible while giving you a coveted hourglass figure.

The fact that the skirt of the dress is longer in the back is another huge plus for me.  I'm always bending over to pick stuff up, not really thinking about the fact that I have a dress on, and the extra material saves me from having to check the hemline to see if my bum is covered.

It's a super flattering dress, and I really do own it in more than three of the patterns.  My fave is the one pictured, Navy Bird, but all of the patterns are great.  It's definitely a style staple, as you can wear it now in the summer heat, and with a little cardigan when it gets chilly out.

The best part? Each dress is under $25! Stock up ladies!

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