Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Tapered Pants with Ugly Patterns

A new fall trend is popping up everywhere--tapered, ugly, printed pants.

Needless to say, I am not a fan.

I have three main problems with this particular pair of pants from Forever21 (a store that I usually love). First of all, the whole pattern thing is ridiculous.  I've seen it in magazines and all it makes me think of is older ladies who wear printed pants because they're comfy--and in some severe cases they think they're in style.

Here's the real deal:  the pattern automatically draws the eye down.  Usually that is where most women tend to have their problem areas.  You might think that a print would camouflage any flaws, but it does the exact opposite. Wearing a print makes them stand out even more, since you're basically wearing a flashing sign that says hey, look at these pants!

The cut of the pants is also horrifying.  They are tapered, which means that they are tight at the ankles, but larger at the top.  Even the skinniest people (like the model shown) look bigger in the bum/thigh region simply because their ankles look super tiny by comparison.  I call this the ice cream cone effect.  No one should want a figure like that.

And lastly, the random bow! Apparently, it's not enough that the pattern and cut ruin the look of your lower half; there somehow needs to be a huge bow right on top!  It just looks so out of place--almost like the designer realized how awful the pants are and thought that adding a bow would make everything better.  FYI: it doesn't.

This is one trend I will not be partaking in.

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