Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Add Some Sparkle to Your Hair!

So a while ago (before Halloween), I was shopping with my sister for costumes.  I found this Goodmark Gold Glitter Spray mixed in with all the other Halloween hair accessories.  I ended up buying it because who doesn't want glitter in their hair for Halloween?!

But when I tried it out, it actually looked fabulous and not disco-ball-esque as I had expected.  When I used just a little bit, my hair had a light dusting of gold shimmer that basically made my hair look shiny.

I'm not saying this is a product for everyday use.  Wearing glitter in your hair isn't really appropriate for the office, or visiting your Grandma.  But if you're going out (possibly to a fab Holiday party and definitely for New Years Eve!), this stuff really looks awesome.

The only thing you have to worry about is spraying on too much.  That will make your hair look like a disco ball.  Make sure to hold the can a good few inches away from your head and use tiny, quick sprays.  I find that it looks prettiest when you only apply it to the lower layer of hair, rather than on top.  That way, little pieces pop out and the look isn't overkill.

The best part? Since the spray is a Halloween product, you can get it for under $3!

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