Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obsessed: Betsey Johnson's Betseyville Heart Collection

If I had to pick, my top three favorite things in life (and fashion), they'd definitely be hearts, dangly earrings, and the color pink.

I found these amazing Betseyville Fuchsia Heart Fashion Earrings and almost passed out with delight.

I randomly found them while looking around on JC Penney's website, which I don't usually visit. I actually had no idea that Betsey Johnson--one of my all-time fave designers--had a collection there.  It was the most unexpected, awesome surprise ever!

As for the earrings? what's not to love?! Betsey's accessories are always super cute, but I simply need to have these danglers (hint, hint).

What I like most is that the hearts aren't overly cutesy.  At first glance, the earrings just look like a pair of fab fuchsia baubles, which in itself rocks.  But a closer look reveals the pretty little hearts.

The best part is that since the collection is through JC Penney, the entire collection is incredibly reasonably priced.  The earrings are under $20.

There are quite a few trinkets that are quickly being added to my wish list.  The jewelry alone is incredible. I'm loving this Heart Ring and this fantastic Heart Charm Bracelet.  I mean, you can never have enough heart-themed gems, right?

If you're not in a jewelry mood, take a look at the other stuff the collection includes.  The Betseyville bag collection is absolutely divine. Check out this fab Black Floral Top-Handle Crossbody bag--it's even lined with pink fabric!

Check out the entire site (or go to your local JC Penney store) to look at the entire line.

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