Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brown Smoky Eye Tutorial

The neutral smoky eye look is something that can be worn anytime.  It's my go-to look, because it isn't crazily dark (like a black smoky eye), and it goes with everything.

To start, you need three eyeshadows--a light gold or white (for us pale ladies), medium brown, and darker brown. I like to use ELF's Mineral Eyeshadow for all three colors.  They apply smoothly and are very easy to blend.

So here's how to do it!

It's very important to start with a fresh face.  Use a lightweight moisturizer right before applying makeup  It makes skin smoother and makeup applies easier on moisturized skin.

Next apply the golden shade over the entire lid, all the way up to the browbone. This creates an even canvas for the darker hues.

Take the medium brown shade and apply it from the lashline to the crease. Blend it up, a little past the crease.  Blending is very important.  I cannot stress this enough.  Without blending, eyeshadow just looks crappy. So make sure to blend!


Take the darker shade and apply it to the outer corners of the lid. I also like to take a small brush and use it as a liner.  Again, make sure to blend, blend, blend!  Then take the lightest color and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes.  This makes them pop and instantly lifts up your eyes.

Add a little dark brown eyeliner if you want your eyes to look more defined. Revlon's ColorStay SoftFlex liner in black brown, is the darkest brown I've found. It less harsh as pure black liner, so it's okay to wear during the day, and it definitely gets the job done.  Apply it to the outer half of your eye's lashline. Then curl your lashes and apply three coats of a voluminousness mascara. I absolutely love Maybelline's Volum'Express in brownish black.

Then, you're done!  With the eyes, anyway.  I suggest doing eye makeup before applying concealer and foundation, as shadow often ends up falling under your eye while you apply it.  It can get pretty messy, so it's best to just take a makeup wipe once you're finished with your eye makeup and use whatever concealer or foundation you use.  A great choice is CoverGirl's TruBlend concealer.

Because your eyes are the focal point of your face, you want to keep the rest of it fairly low-key.  That means a light swipe of blush, and just a hint of lipgloss.

And here's the finished look!

Hope you ladies found this helpful! 

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