Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lipstick Crayons!!

The holiday season is slowly creeping up, and I don't hate it!  Designers are coming out with fabulous items and there are gift sets galore!

Right now, I'm totally lusting after Kate Spade's Lip Crayons.

I mean, how cute are they??! I have to admit that the packaging is what initially got me interested. The crayon box is a nice touch (and it doesn't hurt that it's pink).

This little set comes with three gorgeous lip colors in party-ready shades of burgundy, red and peach. They're all super flattering on most skintones and apply like normal lipstick would.  They're highly pigmented, so you get a lot of color. Bonus? Each crayon is small enough to fit in a clutch for a Holiday party!

They'd make a great gift (buy one for a friend and one for yourself!) Each set is $38.

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