Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bling Out Your Nails!

For a while (probably the past year), I've been obsessed with creme polishes.  But now, chunky glitter is totally my thing.

Maybelline's Sequins by Color Show collection is simply glitter-tastic. Each bottle contains a different hue of chunky glitter.  The glitter itself is very cool, as each color has about three different-sized glitter pieces mixed together.  It truly does give off a "sequin" effect.

The polishes contain a cool, transparent gel that holds the glitter in place and gives off ultra crisp color and high shine. I tried them out and found that, on their own, I needed at least three coats to give off a semi-opaque look.  The polish dries fairly quickly, so I wasn't bothered by the fact that I had to layer it on.  That said, they really look best over other colors, at least in my opinion.  The gold hue looks great over anything, and the others look fabulous over similar creme or shimmer polishes.

These polishes are really great for the upcoming holidays.  I'm really loving the whole glitter trend in general.  It eliminates the need for tons of jewelry, since your nails are so bling-ified!

The collection includes the following sparkly shades:  Ruby Rhinestones, Lavender Sparks, Silver Gleam, Gold’s Night Out, Sea-Quins, Rose Bling, Sapphire Masquerade and Cocktail Dress.

My fave, by far, is Rose Bling. It's a light pinkish glitter and I'm utterly obsessed with it!  Here's a look at the bottle:

Pretty, right?!

You can find these cute colors at most drugstores for around $3.

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