Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: the Expensive Sequin Hat

There are very few sequined things in life that are okay to wear.  This stupid hat by Rachael Zoe is not one of them.

First off--Rachael Zoe hasn't really been a high-end designer in the past, so I must have missed the transition.

Also did I miss this random new trend? It looks like some sort of hybrid of a beret and...I don't even know what.  Even the model looks like she's just wearing a huge ass beret.  Her face even says "I can't believe I'm wearing this piece of crap". The hat itself is ridiculous.  And of course the sequins do not help, as with most ugly things.

I think that sometimes designers make ugly products and think to themselves, "hmm, well, if we throw some sequins on there, it can be fashionable." Not true.  They make everything worse (except for a cute mini skirt).

If for some reason, you're diggin' this hat (FYI:  I will probably beat you to death), keep in mind that it's $225!!

What??! For an ugly hat?

I wouldn't pay that much even if the hat was made of gold, and was my most coveted fashion accessory ever.  It's just crazy.

That is all.

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