Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Want a Ring? Oui Oui!

There are multiple reasons why I'm obsessed with this Oui Ring from Street Bauble.

I love written word jewelry (this Fuck Off Bracelet is another awesome example). There's just something cool about it in general.  It looks classy and unique, which are things I look for in accessories.

I also have a fondness for the French language. After taking it for years back in high school, I can speak it fluently...or at least my hybrid of French and English, Franglish.  Regardless, "oui" was probably the first word I leaned (other than a few phrases my grandparents used when they didn't want me to know what they were talking about).

It's the language of love.  Wearing a ring that simply says "oui" is a way to tell the world, "YES! I am cultured, and know lots of French words!" or it can simply be worn as a cute ring.

Either way, the ring comes in a ridiculous amount of sizes, which makes me super happy; my ring size is a 2.5 and I can never find rings that aren't made for children.

The ring is also on sale for the week for $27 (normally $45) and ships free! Really??! Oui!

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